How did you guys make this promo kit?

This promotion kit was designed and built by Q Studios' design guru, Don Schnitzius (That's him shooting a fashion show in the upper right photo!), using Photoshop, BBedit and Flash to create all the pages and graphics.

He's the guy who takes care of all the visuals and packaging we need for our web sites, albums, posters and all things visual. Look to your right to see all the projects we've worked on in the last year.

Once Don made a template, Sombionx and Lindsay poured their music, video and images into the pages. The MUSIC, VIDEO and PHOTOS sections collect material produced entirely at Q Studios.

All the videos were edited by Sombionx on our iMedia100 workstation. Final video and audio files were processed with Cleaner. (If you haven't guessed already, we use Macintosh desktops, laptops and servers!)

For more information about our graphics or video services, contact Don at 773.315.9520, email him at, or if you have an internet connection, check out his website at